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The Raw Food Lifestyle by Ruthann Russo, PhD VeganeClub

The Raw Food Lifestyle by Ruthann Russo, PhD

The Raw Food Lifestyle by Ruthann Russo, PhD VeganeClub

The Raw Food Lifestyle- The Philosophy and Nutrition behind Raw and Live Foods by Ruthann Russo, PhD. Published by North Atlantic Books.

This book is a great introduction to the whole raw food lifestyle. She lays it all out there for you. Your questions will be answered. I learned a lot reading this book and look forward to sharing it with others.

Introduction and Overview of Raw and Living Food Principles

  • Raw verses Living Foods
  • The Definition of “Uncooked”
  • Enzymes Can Improve Your Life
  • Raw Food Trends
  • How to Use This Book
  • Note on Medical Advice

Ch 1 Raw Stories
This is one of my favorite chapters. I love reading how others got their start in living healthy- whether raw or vegan.. I love reading testimonies..

  • The Tree of Life- Dr Gabriel Cousens
  • Natalia Rose
  • Victoria Boutenko
  • Ann Wigmore
  • Norman Walker
  • Woody Harrelson
  • Carol Alt
  • Joel Fuhrman, MD
  • Sarma Melngailis
  • Brenda Cobb

Ch 2 Your Story
This chapter is about helping you to assess your own needs and opinions regarding food and diet. She says ” The questions you will answer and the structure you will create for yourself may make you more aware of your food choices.”

Ch 3 Raw Leaders
Another fun chapter for me- reading about the leaders in the raw food lifestyle- I am such a geek.. I find it all so interesting.

  • The Essenes
  • Dr Max Bircher-Benner
  • Dr Max Gerson
  • Dr Norman W. Walker
  • Ann Wigmore
  • Viktoras Kulvinskas
  • Dr Herbert Shelton
  • Dr Rebbe Gabriel Cousens
  • Dr Joel Fuhrman
  • David Wolfe
  • Victoria Boutenko
  • Brian Clement, NMD, Phd, LN
  • Sarma Melngailis
  • Matthew and Terces Engelhart
  • David Klein
  • Cherie Soria
  • Bob Dagger
  • Natalia Rose
  • David Jubb

Ch 4 Raw Food Theory

  • Eat food that is alive with its enzymes still intact
  • Eat food that is fresh and organic
  • Eat vegan food, no animal products
  • You reflect the vibration, or energy level, of what you eat
  • Juice some percentage of your fruits and vegetables regularly
  • Follow food-combining rules

Ch 5 The Great Chocolate Debate

  • The Cacao Tree and the Cacao Bean
  • Is Chocolate a Drug?
  • The Raw Chocolate Controversy
  • Carob versus Cacao
  • What to Look for in a Good Non-Raw Chocolate Candy Bar
  • Challenges in the Raw Chocolate Industry
  • Sources of Raw Chocolate

Ch 6 Raw Sweeteners

  • The Sugar Blues
  • Glycemic Load
  • The Raw/Living Food Sweetener Controversy
  • Raw Sweeteners in Alphabetical Order

Ch 7 Water

  • Carbonated and Distilled Water
  • Tap Water
  • Natural Water
  • Bottled Water

Ch 8 pH Level

  • pH and the Raw Food Lifestyle
  • Cancer and Acidity
  • Cooking and Acidity
  • Common Highly Alkaline and Highly Acidic Foods
  • What’s Your Best Strategy?

Ch 9 Healthy Conflict

  • Healthy Conflict in the Raw and Living Food Movements
  • Raw versus Living
  • Juices versus Smoothies
  • Salt
  • Fasting (Cleansing)
  • Temperature Levels for Dehydrating Raw Foods
  • Colonics
  • Garlic and Onions

Chapter 10 Supplements

  • Green Supplements
  • Bee Products
  • Vitamins/Minerals/Enzymes
  • Other Superfoods

Ch 11 Basic Raw Food Preparation 101

  • Your Mind-set
  • Feeling at Ease with Your Food Preparation Responsibilities
  • Coming to Terms with the Young Thai Coconut
  • Giving Thanks and Taking Time while You Eat
  • Eating Mindfully: Really Tasting the Food and Experiencing Eating
  • Your Tools
  • Your Raw Food Supplies

Ch 12 Health and Health Care in the Raw and Living Food Lifestyle

  • Physicians and Clinicians Who Set the Stage for a Raw Lifestyle System of Healing
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)
  • Naturopathic Doctors and Naturopathic Medicine
  • Mainstream MDs with CAM Approach
  • Raw and Living Food Institutes

Ch 13 Spirituality
This chapter covers meditation, yoga and fasting.

Ch 14 Physical Fitness

  • Rebounding and the Immune System
  • Yoga Practice
  • Walking
  • Adaptive Fitness

Ch 15 Ethics of the Raw and Living Food Lifestyle

  • Being Vegan
  • Peacefulness
  • The John Robbins’ Food Revolution

Ch 16 The Economics of Transitioning to a Raw and Living Food Lifestyle

  • The Decreased Cost of Health Care…and Increased Personal Responsibility
  • Proposed Impact of Raw Lifestyle Changes on U.S. Farmers and Manufacturers
  • Supply and Demand of Raw and Living Food
  • A Grassroots Movement for Raw and Living Food: Things We Can Do

Ch 17 Pets and Raw Food

  • The Roots of the Raw Pet Diet
  • Benefits of the BARF Diet
  • Components of the Raw Pet Diet
  • Ethics of the Raw Pet Diet

A very thorough glossary and appendix of raw food un-cookbooks and websites.

The Raw Food Lifestyle by Ruthann Russo, PhD