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Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik VeganeClub

Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik

Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik VeganeClub

Sweet Utopia has become my girls new favorite vegan dessert book. They love a cookbook full of pictures especially when it is of the sweet stuff! The pictures are amazing, photos are done by Milan Valencik. Just the other day while I was at the store they made a batch of lemon cookies that were so good! They are on page 64. They had saved some for pictures but we couldn’t find our camera card- so they got eaten up before we got a picture.
Sharon Valencik wrote the book. She has a wonderful website HERE. Her website has several recipes and pictures of some of the desserts from the book. Book Publishing Company is the publisher.

Stocking the Kitchen

  • basic supplies and tools
  • electric equipment
  • ingredients
    1. Extracts, Spices and Flavorings
    2. Fresh Producce
    3. Frozen Foods
    4. Refrigerated Foods
    5. Pantry Staples

Succeed in Vegan Baking

  • ingredient tips
  • procedural tips
  • substitutions, equivalents, and conversions

Ch 1 Decadent Cakes

  • sweet utopia tips
  • simplest rich chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
  • midnight cake with chocolate frosting
  • cocoa-berry cake with berry cream frosting
  • chocolate chip and nut streusel coffee cake
  • banana cake with banana caramel creme and roasted pecans
  • delicious vanilla cake
  • coconut heaven cake with coconut buttercream frosting
  • lemon-poppy zing cake
  • carrot cake negril
  • zucchini loaf cake with a tangerine twist
  • zesty orange layer cake
  • strawberry fields cake with unbeetable buttercream frosting
  • peach crumb cake
  • festive apple cake
  • ultimate peanut butter cup cake
  • almond-rasberry cake
  • sticky toffee pudding
  • cashew-coconut-lemon roll cake
  • carrot spice cake
  • pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins
  • very berry corn muffins

Ch 2 Scrumptious Cookies

  • sweet utopia tips
  • chocolate chippers
  • fudgy chip cookies
  • mocha-almond chippers
  • green speckled oaties
  • tahini-coconut-oatmeal cookies
  • sesame cookies
  • banana-cranberry-cashew cookies
  • lemon hearts (these are so good)
  • almond macaroons
  • cherry-poppy seed jam prints
  • carrot cake cookies with maple-cream cheese frosting
  • nutty biscotti
  • crunchy peanut butter cookies
  • minty green tea stars
  • pecan crescents
  • orange burst cookies ‘n’ cream
  • gingerbread guys
  • chocolate-glazed almond cookies
  • rugalach
  • hamantaschen
  • choco-choco sandwich minis
  • ice cream cookie sandwiches

Ch 3 Creamy Cheesecakes and Pies

  • sweet utopia tips
  • make-your-own crust
  • coconut crust
  • banana crust
  • oat crust
  • chocolate-peanut butter crust
  • date-spelt crust
  • graham cracker crust
  • best-ever cherry cheesecake
  • fresh strawberry cheesecake pie
  • pineapple splash cheesecake
  • green tea swirl cheesecake
  • coconut-almond cheesecake pie
  • pumpkin cheesecake pie
  • almond cheesecake pie
  • chocolate cheesecake pie
  • peanut butter mini-cheesecakes
  • three-layer cheesecake bars
  • mocha-marble cheesecake
  • luscious lime pie
  • chocolate-pecan paradise pie
  • lemon-berry tart
  • pumpkin-nut pie

ch 4 Velvety Mousses, Puddings and Cremes

  • sweet utopia tips
  • divine chocolate pudding
  • almond pudding
  • carrot-ginger pudding
  • mango-lime pudding
  • rice pudding
  • coconut tapioca pudding
  • chocolate mousse
  • cappuccino custard
  • peanut butter mousse
  • strawberry mousse
  • pina colada custard
  • orange ‘n’ cream gel
  • whiskey creme bread pudding
  • vanilla-agave custard
  • pumpkin custard with cran-razz relish
  • pudding parfaits
  • nutty creme
  • cashew creme
  • coconut creme
  • lemon creme

Ch 5 Luscious Treats

  • holiday pumpkin trifle
  • coconut tiramisu
  • chocolate-covered almond-tangerine balls
  • ultimate brownies
  • chocolate sausage
  • chocolate-cherry candy cups
  • rum balls
  • nutty fudge
  • chocolate-rose halvah balls
  • spice puffs
  • fudge-raspberry mini-cups
  • praline bars
  • lemon love cups
  • utopia granola
  • frozen strawberry margarita mini-cups
  • banana-caramel swirl
  • vanilla-agave soy ice cream
  • blueberry-lemon scones
  • fruity chocolate crepe rollups
  • steamed fruit dumplings
  • healthful crepes with orange-maple syrup
  • coconut milk fondue trio
  • nut cigars
  • poppy seed roll
  • apple strudel
  • fruit-berry cookie cobbler
  • ice cream cake

This book is a must have for any vegan or vegetarian! My daughters have dog-earred many of the recipes.

Sweet Utopia by Sharon Valencik