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Shoots and Greens of Early Spring by Steve Brill VeganeClub

Shoots and Greens of Early Spring by Steve Brill

Shoots and Greens of Early Spring by Steve Brill VeganeClub
For those of us wanting to learn more about wild edibles- this ebook is a great start! Not to mention it is only $12.50! Of course you can order a hard copy autographed by the author himself- “Wildman” Steve Brill if you prefer.
I have learned a lot from this book and I have so much more to learn. There is a ton of info here and many recipes for using your wild edibles. You must check it out.

Preface: My Arrest—Foraging and Politics (From the 1986 Printing)

Part 1: Introduction to Early Spring Foraging

The Focus of this Book
Pay Attention to Key Identifying Characteristics
Illustrations and Photos
Toxic Species
Natural Habitats
Food Uses
Nutritional Content
About Medicinal Plants
Medicinal Uses of Wild Edibles
Using Wild Herbs Safely
Foraging in Early Spring
Safe, Environmentally Friendly Foraging
What Makes Early Spring Special?
A Cautionary Tale
Plant Concepts and Early Spring
Foraging and Conservation

Part 2: The Plants

Chapter 1: Wild Foods of Lawns, Gardens, and Cultivated Places
Pepper Sedum, Biting Stonecrop, Wall Pepper
Long-Leaf Plantain, English Plantain
Field Garlic, Onion Grass
Hairy Bittercress
Sheep Sorrel
Shepherd’s Purse
Common Dandelion
Poor Man’s Pepper
Hedge Mustard
Common Blue Violet
Common Plantain

Chapter 2: Wild Foods of Fields and Thickets
Field Pennycress
Wild Asparagus

Chapter 3: Wild Foods of Woodlands
Garlic Mustard
Wild Lettuce
Goutweed, Bishopsweed
Sweet Cicely, Anise Root
Jewelweed, Touch-Me-Not
Trout Lily, Dogtooth Violet, Adder’s Tongue
Solomon’s Seal and False Solomon’s Seal
Ramp, Wild Leek
Cutleaved Toothwort
Honewort, Wild Chervil
Hercules’ Club, Devil’s Walking Stick, Angelica Tree
Chapter 4: Wild Foods of Roadsides and Disturbed Habitats
Winter Cress, Yellow Rocket
Common Sow Thistle
Curly Dock, Yellow Dock
Japanese Knotweed

Chapter 5: Wild Foods of Wetlands
Skunk Cabbage
Virginia Waterleaf
Marsh Marigold, Cowslip
Ostrich Fern
Wild Watercress

About the Author Then and Now
From the 1986 Printing
From the 2008 Printing
Recipe Index:

Apple and Knotweed Pie ·
Apple-Mint Jelly ·
Better Butter ·
Cattail Stir-Fry ·
Chicory—Thai Style ·
Cream of Solomon’s Seal Soup ·
Cream of Wild Asparagus Soup ·
Curly Dock and Mushroom Soup ·
Curry Spread ·
Dandelion Wine ·
Daylily Ice Cream ·
Early Spring Salad with Creamy Lemon Dressing ·
Fiddlehead Chili ·
Forager’s Early Spring Soup ·
Fried Wild Rice with Jewelweed ·
Garlic Mustard Horseradish ·
Hercules’ Tempura ·
Jewelweed Extract ·
Lima Beans with Hedge Mustard ·
Mallow Minestrone ·
Marsh Marigolds in Herb Oil ·
Nettles and Carrots ·
New Scottish Oatmeal ·
Pepper Sedum Vinaigrette ·
Prepared Mustard ·
Ramp Quiche ·
Scrambled Tofu With Trout Lilies ·
Sesame Mushrooms with Honewort ·
Sheep Sorrel and Purslane Soup ·
Skunk Cabbage Booty ·
Sow Thistle Stuffed with Kabouchis ·
Spicy Cheese-Free Cheese Sauce ·
Steamed Chickweed ·
Tofu Spread with Wild Vegetables ·
Violet Flower Sherbet ·
Watercress in Peanut Sauce ·
Wild Lettuce Sandwich ·
Wild Onion Sauce ·
Wild Split Pea Soup ·
Winter Cress Stuffed Potatoes ·

Shoots and Greens of Early Spring by Steve Brill