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Restaurant Spotlight: 300 East | Vegan Club

Restaurant Spotlight: 300 East

Having recently moved to the South End area, I’m attempting to locate all the vegan options at non-vegan restaurants just to expand our pool of restaurants we can eat at without having to worry if the server actually understood what we were trying to avoid when ordering. After an email correspondence with 300 East, then eating there twice in the last week, they are definitely going to be a part of our regular restaurant rotation. It turns out that 300 East is actually a delicious option for vegan food in South End. While they don’t have a ton of options, they do have a better-than-average selection and we left very satisfied after both trips. In a recent email to the restaurant, they responded by highlighting the menu items that can be made vegan.For starters, both the hummus and guacamole appetizers are vegan. The Grilled Portobello Sandwich, Veggie Burger, Black Bean Tortilla, Black-Eyed-Pea Falafel Sandwich and Seasonal Farro Saute can all be made vegan simply by ordering them “no dairy.”  Many of their salads include cheese (clearly stated in the description) or a dairy-containing dressing, but can be made without either. Vegan salad dressings include Balsamic Vinaigrette, Sherry Vinaigrette, French Vinaigrette, and Sesame Dressing. Unfortunately, the cornbread muffin does contain dairy and eggs. The email also recommended checking for dairy and eggs in the daily soup, side or vegetable plate of the day.Just a heads up, the lunch menu is a little more vegan-limited than the dinner menu, but you can still find a satisfying meal. They do have some outdoor seating and a nice little bar inside as well. Enjoy.