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Raw Red Pepper Hummus

About 1 month and a half ago I bought 25 lbs of garbanzo beans. I soaked them all for 24 hours. Then we bagged them up and threw them in the freezer. At the time I wasn’t raw. I ate a lot of raw foods and I knew at some point I wanted to go back to the raw diet but I wasn’t there yet. We love hummus so I bought the garbanzo beans for that.
Now, a month a half later I am high raw. Right now I am on a 30 day 100% raw challenge. I needed to make some of my hummus for my family today and decided I would give raw hummus a try. I am oh so glad I did.
I took out 1 cup of the frozen, soaked garbanzo beans and ran them under warm water just to unfreeze them. Then I experimented and love the outcome!

1 cup of soaked garbanzo beans
6 tsps of raw sesame seeds
3 tbsp of cold pressed olive oil
the juice of 1.5 lemons
1/4 of a red bell pepper
2 good sized garlic cloves
1 little chunk off of an onion (my onion had already been cut in half and then I just cut half inch slice off of it.)
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp salt
1/2 tbsp dried parsley

I put all of this into the vitamix and pureed it down- I had to add a tsp or 2 of water to get it to the right consistency.

It is delicious! I ate mine with celery sticks and my wonka crackers.
My girls ate regular hummus but tried the raw one too and liked it also. I will be making it regularly I am sure. Would be so good on a raw sandwich!

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Raw Red Pepper Hummus