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North Carolina Ag-gag

North Carolina, we need your help!The ag-gag bill that will stop investigations on factory farms has passed the legislature.  It serves as a direct threat to marketplace transparency as it threatens our ability to control what we bring into our homes and the food we put in our bodies. Governor McCrory has just a few days left to veto it before it becomes law. Please help us encourage him to veto!- Post on his facebook page ( and ask him to veto HB405- Send this tweet: “Gov @PatMcCroryNC, please veto ?#?NCaggag?! It’s bad for people & animals. ?#?ConnectNC? ?#?NCpol?”- Sign and share this petition below- Email the Governor and politely ask him to veto the ag gag bill, SB 433/HB 405 using the online even more ways to stop ag-gag, contact