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No more Tofu

Just a heads up… Tupelo Honey Cafe and Heist Brewery have done away with their tofu options.Tupelo is on a mission to prove southern cuisine is no friend to vegans as they revamp their menu and continue to expand in other markets. After reaching out to them several times with no response. just skip Tupelo.Heist did offer to throw together a vegan meal which was pretty good, but you’ll pay whatever price they charge for it, which was a little steep.Pint Central in Plaza Midwood actually does list their vegan options on the menu with a V+. There aren’t a ton of options, but they do have some unique selections in the cauliflower bites and eggplant dip. It appears a few other items could be made vegan by subtracting the cheese (not confirmed, just based on menu perusal). So go check them out for a good patio, good beer. and some fried cauliflower bites or if you’re feeling a little more health-conscious, opt for the roasted vegetables.