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Monday Night Live! 3 More Days to View Annmarie Gianni’s Video!!

Monday Night Live! 3 More Days to View Annmarie Gianni’s Video!! VeganeClubThis weeks free access video is of Annmarie Gianni’s presentation.
I really enjoyed Annmarie’s video. She talked about natural skin care. I appreciate the fact that as a raw foodist she understands about the nutritional aspects of skin care- it isn’t all about what you put on your skin- what you put in your body makes a difference. She took questions from the audience which I enjoyed. Her stance on sunscreen is inline with my beliefs as well. We don’t use a lot of sunscreen here- what we do use is a all natural sunscreen I get from my health food store and I use it sparingly. My kids swim daily and I use it maybe a couple of times a week. I learned many things that I didn’t know- like about flower water and how it is good for your skin. I am going to be looking into making those very soon. You won’t want to miss this video!

Here is more about Annmarie:

Annmarie Gianni
is an internationally known author, health advocate, personality and founder of Annmarie Gianni Skin Care.

Just a few years ago, Annmarie started to take a hard look at the products she was putting on her skin. In just a few short days of research, what she found shocked her.

Skin care products were severely under-regulated and most contained ingredients that weren’t safe at almost any amount. Even products that claimed they were organic or natural had hidden preservatives and other nasty additives.

She was frustrated and motivated to find a better option, because she realized so many people were using these supposedly “natural” products.

What she found was not encouraging. Many of the truly natural products weren’t up to her standards of quality or effectiveness.

It wasn’t long until she realized that if she wanted to have a truly clean and natural skin care line, she would have to do it herself.

So she did and Annmarie Gianni Skin Care was founded to provide a clean, natural skin care experience using natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

Annmarie now spends her time educating audiences around the United States about how to preserve your beauty and longevity from the inside out as well as what to look for when you’re searching for a skin care line that will keep your skin glowing and vibrant. She can be seen as a regular co-host on the popular online health show “The Renegade Health Show” at

Annmarie has also trained as a massage therapist, athletic trainer and has run a successful personal training business in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Currently Annmarie and her husband and author Kevin are living in an RV and traveling the United States spreading the word of good health and good skin care. When she’s not being a business woman, training others, or hosting her weekly internet show, Annmarie enjoys traveling, being outside and preparing healthy meals. She loves to hike and run in the woods, and spend time with her cat Jonny 5.

For more information on Annmarie Gianni, Annmarie Gianni Skin Care or Renegade Health, please see: and

Monday Night Live! 3 More Days to View Annmarie Gianni’s Video!! VeganeClub

I am so excited to share Monday Night Live! with you. One thing I have learned about being on the raw food diet. If you want to succeed then you need to surround yourself with knowledge. You need to empower yourself. Monday Night Live! does just that. Every week at Cafe Gratitude Shea Lynn Baird presents a speaker to empower you, educate you and support you on your journey. Raw food demos, health educators, motivational speakers and more.

So how do you be a part of Monday Night Live? There are 2 ways. You can sign up for their newsletter to get access to the video of the week for free. It is only available for the week so make sure you take the time to watch it because you will not want to miss it. You are fortunate because last weeks video will be up for another week as there is no MNL tonight. So you have until 7/29 to watch an amazing video of Annmarie Gianni’s presentation.

There is another way to get access to all of the videos. MNL has an all access pass in 3 forms. You can purchase an all access pass to the 2009 videos or just the 2010 or both 2009 and 2010. By purchasing the all access pass you get access to the videos of all the past presenters (if you get the 2010 you get access to the all 2010 presenters past and upcoming). You also get access to down loadable audio version of the presentations so you can download them to your mp3 players to listen at your convenience.

A PARTIAL list of 2009 presenters includes:
Matthew and Terces Engelhart, Happy Oasis, Elaina Love, Cecilia Benjumea-Kinzie, Laura Fox, Dr.’s Rick and Karin Dina, Lydia Kindheart, Kevin Gianni, Cheri Soria, Dr. Doug Graham, Paul Nison, John Kohler, Melissa Mango, Sacred Steve Adler, Abeba Wright, Don Weaver, Dina Knight, Matt Samuelson, Gabrielle Brick, Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes-Monarch, Bunny Berry & Jah Levi!!!

A PARTIAL list of 2010 presenters includes:
Daniel Vitalis, Chaya-Ryvka, Michael Bedar (of “Simply Raw’ the movie), Dina Knight, Frank Giglio, Shiroko Sokitch & Sivan Garr, Abeba Wright, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dan McDonald (the Life ReGenerator!), ‘Sproutman’ Steve Meyerowitz, DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan, Kevin Gianni, Singing Bear, Nomi Shannon, Dr. Will Tuttle, Ronnie & Minh, Bunny Berry, Elaina Love & Matthew & Terces Engelhart!

I am also excited about the 4 ebooks Shea has available:

  • The Raw Chef Panels 1 & 2: “How the Top Raw Chefs REALLY Eat”contains over 200 pages of information along with the BONUS MATERIAL of 80 ‘Daily Use’ Recipes!

And for even more information on how to succeed as a raw foodist, you can add the 2 bonus books.

  • The Raw Athlete Panel: “How to Succeed as a Raw Athlete” (includes 45 Tips for Succeeding as a Raw Athlete
  • The Raw Doctor Panel: “The Raw Food Diet and Your Health” (includes 30 Tips to Stay Healthy on a Raw Food Diet)

I downloaded and printed the “How the Top Raw Chef’s REALLY Eat” and it is proving to be an invaluable read!

So how do you order any of the above??? Click HERE to be redirected to my website to order the All Access passes and the ebooks. The information is really invaluable. I am so very excited about it all! I am of the first belief that if you want to succeed in this lifestyle you must immerse yourself in it. Reading books, watching videos, going to raw food/vegan events, meeting other raw foodists. I know I said that already but it is so vitally important for success. Having access to the Monday Night Live videos is an invaluable tool towards your success.

The next video I plan to watch using my all access pass is Chef Dina Knight’s presentation TOPIC: Releasing Physical and Emotional Weight with a High Green Diet – and Uncovering Our True Selves. This sounds very good, I am trying to incorporate more greens into my diet- through more juicing and green smoothies. You only have access to this video if you purchase the all access pass.

Next Monday the guest speaker will be Nomi Shannon. I can’t wait for this video!

From Monday Night Live’s website:

Nomi Shannon, A.K.A. ‘The Raw Gourmet’, is the author of the best selling raw vegan book The Raw Gourmet, and co-author of Raw Food Celebrations. In 2008, Nomi received three ‘Best of Raw Awards’ for Best Raw Educator, Favorite Raw Chef and Favorite Raw Book (for Raw Food Celebrations). Raw since 1987, Nomi has been featured in Alive magazine, Get Fresh, San Diego North County Times, Galveston News, as well as numerous radio shows.

Nomi’s thoughts: Although the living foods program is meant to be preventative, if people who have had such serious illnesses feel that they have cured themselves, just think what this program can do for you if you are relatively healthy. How much better to prevent rather than try to cure a problem.

What should you eat? Over the years wherever I go, the one question I hear the most is: “But what should I eat?” Whether you’d simply like to add more fruit and vegetable servings to your diet, or want to change your lifestyle in a more dramatic way, it can be done – and easily. Although you may find this hard to believe right now, once you get into the rhythm of raw food preparation you will likely spend less time in your kitchen than you did before.

You will see that a raw food diet can be as exciting and interesting as any other type of cuisine.

The challenge is in becoming educated and receiving the support you need while making this change in the way you prepare and eat your food. You need to become aware of the sources available to you- where to get the supplies, and how to use them. Besides presenting an easy to live with system, my goal is for this presentationis to empower you to find your raw food resourcse so that you can obtain the equipment, food and guidance that you need, no matter where you live.

For more information on Nomi Shannon, please see her website: Nomi offers a free online newsletter as well as a free 7 part email class called The Raw Truth, both available on her website.
Gordon Medical Associates Panel (Exploring Biochemical Individuality) are coming up the following Monday! You will not want to miss it so sign up for the newsletter! If you decide to purchase an All Access Pass to Monday Night Live! or the ebooks, please do so from my website as I get credit for it. Just click HERE. Thanks so much!

Monday Night Live! 3 More Days to View Annmarie Gianni’s Video!!