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May Wah Vegan Market

may wah vegan market

Have you ever wondered how May Wah makes their mock chicken and shrimp? Or have you ever wondered about their membership program? This article covers everything from their textured soy-based mock chicken to their shrimp made from konjac. Then, we’ll take a closer look at some of their other products and discuss whether they’re worth the membership price. Then, let’s talk about what to expect when you visit.

May Wah’s textured soybean-based mock chicken

A recent expansion of the May Wah vegan shop has expanded beyond Asian customers. The store now serves products to a wider range of consumers, including grocers and restaurants. This variety of mock chicken has led to many innovative uses, including Guyanese people using it in place of mutton. Indians have made mock chicken into biryani and korma dishes, and one customer thinly sliced it into a dish similar to pork belly. The meat and white fatty layer are made from soybean, while the bone and skin are made from konjac.

In addition to supplying influential New York restaurants with natural protein substitutes, the company also distributes to grocery stores and restaurants in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New Jersey. While the product is sold in stores throughout the Northeast, May Wah also caters to customers all over the world. Its popularity has even led to its own brand, May Wah Vegetarian Market. The company also distributes to other markets outside of the United States, including Singapore, South Africa, and India.

May Wah’s shrimp made with konjac

When a person wants to experience the taste of shrimp with an Asian twist, try preparing it with Konjac. This tuber-like vegetable is a delicious, vegan substitute for shrimp. The dish tastes spicy and sweet, with a hint of coconut. You can also serve it as an appetizer or snack. This dish is a popular choice among health conscious diners. Its ingredients include Konjac, coconut, and vegan egg substitute. To prepare it, simply dip it in flour or egg substitute and fry it until golden. To serve it with rice, you can eat it with a side of pickled vegetables.

Another plant-based product is coconut shrimp. Coconut shrimp is available only at GreenWise Markets. Mind Blown Shrimp is an excellent option for those looking for healthy vegan shrimp. It comes in a convenient resealable package and contains a mix of brown sugar, vegan seasoning, and Konjac powder. It is also baked or fried, so it is gluten and soy-free.

While May Wah was originally known for their vegetarian offerings, their selection has grown beyond the local Chinese community. In addition to serving mock meats, the shop has expanded its customer base to include Indians and Caribbean tourists. One customer thinly sliced the mock pork belly and made it into a meaty dish. The white fatty layer is made from konjac and the meat layer is composed of soybean.

While you can still find some meat-based products, it is best to order the vegan versions. These will be more flavorful than other shrimp. The shrimp can be fried or baked, depending on your preference. Nonetheless, if you don’t feel like cooking them, you can also opt for a baked dish. If you prefer not to fry them, you can also try sashimi from Vegan Zeastar.

Lily’s Vegan Pantry’s products

You can find a wide variety of Asian and vegan foods at the Quaint Market. You can also purchase specialty diet spices and frozen foods. These specialty foods and spices are available in both dried and powdered forms. For the more adventurous vegans, you can also try Lily’s Vegan Pantry’s products at may wah vegan market. The store is conveniently located in May Wah.

Founded in 1995, May Wah Vegetarian Market has become one of New York City’s largest distributors of vegan foods. The store also recently expanded its products by adding plant-based pork leader OmniFoods. While the store’s name might sound familiar, it’s still a great place to find Taiwanese vegan food. Lily’s Vegan Pantry is located in Chinatown, near Times Square.

The shop’s popularity has spawned creative uses of the company’s products. While most customers are Asian, Lily Ng has also made them available to other communities. Guyanese and Indian customers often use mock chicken and mutton for their traditional recipes. Another customer sliced up mock pork belly, using konjac as the white fatty layer and soybean for the meat layer.


You may be interested in becoming a member of the May Wah Vegetarian Market. This 23-year-old grocer has dedicated itself to providing the highest quality vegetarian products and customer service. There are many great benefits to becoming a member of the May Wah Vegetarian Market. Listed below are some of the benefits of becoming a member. Read on to discover more. This may be the perfect opportunity to become a vegetarian or vegan.

As a member, you can get special deals at May Wah Vegetarian Market. The price reductions are offered via their newsletter. This newsletter is free to sign up for. Additionally, the store offers discounts for first-time members. The discounts can be applied to other products as well. Once you are a member, you will receive email notifications whenever special sales are held. For example, if you order frozen items regularly, you’ll be notified of these sales.

Another great benefit of becoming a member of the May Wah Vegetarian Market is that you get access to their loyalty program. Members are entitled to exclusive discounts and coupons and can redeem these for vouchers or commodities. Members can also earn points through posts and social media. Depending on your preference, you can receive free membership to the May Wah Vegetarian Market. You can also use the May Wah Vegetarian Market’s loyalty program to get discounts and coupons on your next purchase.

May Wah Vegetarian Market is changing into a fully vegan supermarket. Previously known as May Wah Vegetarian Market, this market now sells more than 300 vegan food items. Its newly-named name Lily’s Vegan Pantry emphasizes the vegan lifestyle and is now one of the largest vegetarian food distributors in New York State. The market also now sells plant-based pork leader OmniFoods.


If you are looking for a place to find Asian vegan food, the May Wah Vegan Market might be the perfect place to shop. They have an excellent selection of special diet frozen foods and Asian vegan snacks. They also carry a variety of special diet spices and frozen foods. If you live in the area, you can even request delivery of May Wah Vegan Market products. These companies offer the best selection of vegan foods in the area, so you can be assured of finding what you’re looking for in an authentic Asian marketplace.

The popularity of Taiwanese vegetarian food is booming in the U.S., and customers can call to order from the market or place an online order. The store was founded by Lily Ng, who used to help her mother run the May Wah Vegetarian Market. She decided to revamp the store, renaming it Lily’s Vegan Pantry, with a broader variety of vegan cuisine.

To ensure that you receive the right ingredients, you should read reviews and see where others have purchased them. Also, check out the website for deals and coupons. The May Wah Vegetarian Market has an app that allows you to check in and get your boarding pass on your phone. It also sends you updates on your shopping plan, so you know what’s on sale and when to expect delivery. The May Wah Vegetarian Market is a great place to buy vegetarian food. You can always count on them for quality products at competitive prices.

May Wah Vegetarian Market was founded in 1995 and has been a reliable source of vegan products in the city since then. It has since expanded its product range and expanded into the plant-based pork leader OmniFoods. In 2011, Lily Ng became a vegan, and the market has been making a name for itself as an alternative to Chinese food. The new owner of May Wah Vegetarian Market has brought her new business to Manhattan.