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Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich VeganeClub

Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich

Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich VeganeClubI had the extreme pleasure of meeting Jay and Linda Kordich at the Vegan Conference I spoke and cooked at in June. I missed Jay’s presentation and I am anxiously waiting for my copy of the dvds from the conference so I can see it- from what I hear it was amazing. I didn’t doubt that it would be. I had gotten to know Jay and Linda on Facebook. They were both so encouraging to me- as I was preparing for my first ever speaking engagement! I will never forget their encouragement and support.
Meeting Jay and Linda was the highlight of the weekend for me. They are amazing people who love eachother very much. They are really just as genuine in person as they are online.
The book is amazing. I am learning so much and the recipes.. They all look amazing! There isn’t a single recipe that I don’t want to try. They put their hearts into this book and you feel it in their writing. This is a must have book for every vegan- raw or not!

Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich VeganeClub
Here I am with Jay.. What a pleasure!

Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich VeganeClub

Linda and I. She is the sweetest.

Ok! On to the book.

Part 1
Ch 1 Starting Over

  • Do you remember me?
  • The Strength behind me
  • Doing it our way is easy
  • Living Foods=Flavor!
  • My fall from health
  • You life will change
  • Are you ready?

Ch 2 The Power of Juicing

  • Healing Juices
  • I made a big move
  • What to juice-What to eat?
  • My mission begins
  • Juicing is a serious subject
  • You can have energy like I do
  • The real juicing advantage
  • The magic of juice therapy
  • Juicing gives us 100% absorption immediately
  • The mysteries of life-giving plants
  • Getting started
  • Before you start your cleanse
  • My 3 day quick-start cleanse
  • Important rules
  • Fruit juice recipe for fasting
  • Fresh vegetable juice combination for fasting
  • Carrot-spinach-apple-beat
  • Carrot-parsley-spinach-celery-apple
  • Congratulations
  • Here are my top 12 vital juice combinations
  • Our digestive juice aids
  • Note about greens
  • Juice for kids!
  • Children top 10 super juice recipes

Ch 3 Color Me Green

  • Plants are the power houses for humans
  • Our magnificent sun
  • Liquid greens are the key to life-force
  • Why cooking destroys
  • Disease free living belongs to all
  • We’re living a backwards life
  • My parents lived a beautiful life
  • Going green in 90 days
  • Substitution foods
  • Take the test-How ALIVE are you?
  • Don’t like greens?
  • Kid’s embracing vegetables?
  • Greens do our bodies good
  • Living greens vs cooked greens
  • Power Up with super foods
  • Chlorella
  • Green Barley
  • Wheatgrass
  • Spirulina
  • Bee Pollen
  • Get your (uncooked) greens fast
  • Frustrated?
  • How to get unaddicted from fast foods FAST
  • Here’s what you can do in place
  • Lose weight=feel great=freedom
  • How got well how you can get well
  • Food addictions are not about foods
  • Extra tips
  • Gratitude is our greatest liberator

Ch 4 Ezymes Equal Energy

  • The secret key to vitality
  • Plant Enzymes live only in raw foods
  • Cooking destroys fiber-rich foods
  • Scientists are just discovering the powers of food enzymes
  • Your natural enzymes bank account
  • Plant enzyme information you should know about
  • Plant enzymes to the rescue
  • Enzymes fight old age
  • Keep your diet rich with enzymes
  • Jay’s quick tips for better digestion
  • 12 steps to maximize your enzyme power

Part 2 Live Foods Live Bodies
Ch 5 The Power of Living Foods

  • That’s Me, Linda!
  • I finally meet Jay
  • 100% living is not recommended for beginners
  • What are living foods?
  • Why would you want to follow a living foods/raw diet?
  • Our 75/25 principle
  • We need to build a good relationship with natural foods
  • Even the experts agree
  • Your own personal journey can begin now
  • Our 75%/25% living foods program
  • 25% acceptable cooked grains
  • Tips for great cooked soups
  • Foods used in our living kitchen
  • Organic fruit
  • Fruits used in our living kitchen
  • Vegetarian eating styles
  • All about nuts
  • Oils-a very important message

Ch 6 Our Living Kitchen

  • Our living kitchen
  • How it all got started
  • Like your kitchen
  • Simple foods=power foods
  • Tips for vitality
  • What does our living kitchen look like?
  • Our friends kitchen looked very different from ours
  • How to quick-start your own living kitchen
  • The kitchen clean-out
  • Evaluate your appliances and tools
  • Tools and appliances used in our living kitchen
  • Consider your foods carefully
  • Recommended foods to be eliminated
  • Here are some important tips for setting up your new living kitchen
  • Our living kitchen principles to remember
  • Let’s go grocery shopping-with living foods
  • What’s next
  • We partner together in the kitchen
  • Pressure free for the rest of the week
  • The heart and soul of our living kitchen
  • Honoring our kitchen is divine
  • Put some “life” back into your kitchen
  • Learning to love your kitchen by creating a sacred space

Ch 7 The Art of the Salad

  • Super Salads
  • Salads play a large role
  • The art of the salad
  • 1. Getting the basics down
  • Salads are perfect foods
  • Discovering super salads
  • Our pyramid for salad making
  • Super salad pyramid ingredients
  • 2. Commitment
  • Being addicted
  • A new day begins
  • 3. Learning to see the unseen
  • Turn off the tv and tune into nature
  • Invite your children to help
  • Breaking the habit
  • Simple foods are power foods
  • You have the time!
  • Food network stars let us down
  • Building the salad pyramid
  • Food combining
  • Partners in the kitchen: How we do it
  • Appreciation goes a long way!
  • Our weekly schedule

Ch 8 Live Foods Live Bodies Recipes

  • Our super salad pyramid
  • Kitchen magic-It can happen
  • Our natural food pyramid

Our “Basic” Recipes

  • Our Basic Salad
  • Our Basic Dressing
  • Basic Rice Salad and Basic Dressing
  • Our Basic Soba Noodle Salad
  • John’s Basic Living Spaghetti
  • Basic Living Pie
  • Basic Fruit Salad and Dressing (Spring and Summer)
  • Basic Fruit Salad and Dressing (Fall and Wintertime)
  • Our Basic Shredded Veggie Salad
  • Our Basic Oatmeal

Our Super Salads

  • Seaweed Spinach Salad
  • Jay’s Favorite Whopper Salad
  • Healthy Protein Salad
  • Mid-Eastern Salad
  • Mock Tuna Salad
  • New York Cabbage Salad
  • Better than Egg Salad
  • Super Salad Wrap
  • Asian Salad
  • Simple Walnut Rice Salad
  • Millet Basil Salad
  • South of the Border
  • Jay’s Favorite Beet-Apple Salad

Our Living Soups

  • Our Fresh Gazpacho
  • Ruby Ambrosia Living Soup
  • Luscious Living Soup
  • Jay’s Magic Living Soup
  • Jay’s Quick Energy Soup
  • Cleansing Living Soup
  • Our Living Fruit Soup

Pates-Dips-Spreads and Toppings

  • Living Hummus
  • Super Simple Guacamole
  • Eggless Tofu Mayonnaise
  • Our Favorite Simple Salsa
  • Living Celery Nut Loaf
  • Living Cucumber Nut Pate
  • Homemade Hummus

Our Super Salad Dressings and Sauces

  • Tofu Tarragon Tomato
  • Heartsmart Omega 3 Dressing
  • Royal Thai Salad Dressing
  • Fresh Herb Salad Dressing
  • Superfast Tofu Dressing
  • Super Green Salad Dressing
  • Macadamia Oil Dressing
  • Superfast Tahini Dressing
  • No Fat Herb Dressing
  • Sundried Tomato Tahini Dressing
  • Carrot Juice Veggie Dressing

Our Living Breakfasts

  • Breakfast Pie
  • Apricot and Almond Delight
  • Loving Living Granola
  • It’s Alive! Living Granola
  • Muesli for Breakfast

Our Living Breads

  • Living Essene Bread
  • Basic Flax Crackers
  • Tomato-Herb Flax Crackers

Our Living Nut Milks

  • Living Almond Milk
  • Living Macadamia Milk
  • Living Cashew Milk

Our Living Smoothies

  • Date a Banana for Breakfast!
  • Blackberry Mama Smoothie
  • High Protein Nut Smoothie
  • Morning Digestion Perfection
  • Good Morning Power Up Smoothie
  • The Date From Heaven Smoothie
  • Very Berry Powerful

Jay’s Juice Therapy Recipes

  • Jay’s Immune Tonic for Life
  • Enzyme-Rich Extravaganza
  • Jay’s Sweet Longevity Juice
  • Jay’s Anti-aging Juice Tonic
  • Fresh Mint on the Rocks
  • Wheatgrass for Lightweights
  • My 3 C’s Ulcer Tonic
  • Pancreas Juice Happy Tonic
  • Jay’s Vital Energy Tonic
  • Arthur-itis Helper
  • Cucumber Cooler Healing Tonic
  • Positively in the Pink
  • Watermelon Kidney Whip
  • Liver Mover
  • Herby Goes Wild
  • V-12 Super Juice
  • Cranberry Kidney Surprise

Our Acceptable Cooked Food Recipes

  • Nutty Rice and Veggies
  • Carrot-Ginger Soup
  • Asian Green Beans
  • Perfect Pita Sandwich
  • Our Lentil Burgers
  • Vegetarian Tacos
  • Super Easy Broccoli Soup
  • Tofu Tacos
  • Miso Healing Soup
  • It’s a Whole World Tostada
  • Veggie Wrap
  • Veggie Wrap Sauce

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Live Foods Live Bodies by Jay and Linda Kordich