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Hummus with a Garlic Kick! VeganeClub

Hummus with a Garlic Kick!

2 Cans garbanzo beans
6 tablespoons tahini (sesame butter)
1/2 cup lemon juice or more to suit taste

4 to 6 scallions (depending on size), chopped
8-12 cloves of garlic- more or less according to taste (we love garlic so we used 12-15 cloves)
4 teaspoon cumin
salt, pepper to taste
2 tbsp dried parsley
a good flavorful olive oil

Drain garbanzo beans, reserving the liquid from the can, and rinse the beans.

Place all the ingredients except the reserved bean liquid and olive oil in food processor and process until smooth. Add reserved bean liquid as needed for a smoother consistency, also add a few tbsps of your great flavored olive oil (I got mine from the farmers market and it has a peppery kick to it). This will not taste like your traditional hummus- it will have more of a garlicky kick to it- but this is the way we like it.

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Hummus with a Garlic Kick!