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How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell VeganeClub

How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell

How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell VeganeClub
How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell
This book it isn’t written for the raw foodist. It is written for anyone. It doesn’t matter what you eat, you will benefit from adding green smoothies into your diet. I can recommend this book to friends who are not wanting to go 100% raw. Who just want add more greens to their diet. It covers a lot of information in an informal way that I feel is beneficial to those just starting their raw food journey- or transitioning from a cooked food to more of a raw food diet. She talks about dry brushing the skin, drinking more water, eating an apple a day, avoiding artificial sweeteners. All bits of info I would share with someone who was asking about simple changes they could make for a positive change in their health.
Part 2 is about Nutrition for the Mind. I am not in agreement with everything I read but there were some nuggets I learned from. Overall I learned alot and enjoyed her writing style very much.

Part 1: Nutrition For Your Body

  • My Green Smoothie Success Story
  • Take 5 Minutes in the Morning to Make Your Green Smoothie and Feel Good All Day
  • Green Smoothies Give Your Body Much-Needed Chlorophyll
  • Yes, These Habits Will Help You Lose Weight If You Need To
  • Green Smoothies Control Cravings
  • Green Smoothies Built Strong Nerve Force
  • Evelyn-A Success Story
  • Green Smoothies Give You Great Moods
  • Green Smoothies Enhance Your Energy
  • Anonymous-A Success Story
  • Green Smoothies Increase Elimination
  • How to Create The Perfect Green Smoothie
  • How Do I Decide What To Put In My Smoothie?
  • Cyndi-A Success Story
  • Rotate Your Greens
  • You Are Your Own Green Smoothie Guru
  • Green Smoothie Recipes
  • Why Can’t I just Eat My Green Leafy Vegetables In A Salad?
  • Jessica- A Success Story
  • Green Smoothie Fasting
  • Annie-A Success Story
  • Brush Your Skin
  • Add Live and Whole Foods To Your Green Smoothie Routine For Optimum Results
  • Supercharge Your Mind and Body with Raw Fruits and Vegetables
  • My Raw Fruit and Vegetable Story
  • Whole Foods Will Complement Your Raw Foods
  • Be Easy On Yourself
  • Tea Is A Natural Healthy Choice
  • Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
  • Your Body is a Self-Healing Mechanism
  • Choose Natural Bath, Body and Cleaning Products
  • Drinking More Water Is An Excellent Habit
  • An Apple A Day

Part Two: Nutrition For Your Mind

  • Consciously Choosing Uplifted Thoughts Will Enhance Your Well-Being and Life
  • Positive Thinking Testimony From Neida Byrd
  • Remembering Your Guidance System
  • Understanding Root Cause of Physical Discomfort
  • Understanding Our True Work
  • Make The Decision To Feel Good Now
  • Discover What Makes You Happy and Do It
  • My Positive Thinking Story
  • Appreciation Is Your Most Powerful Tool
  • Forgiveness Is Divine
  • Release Anyone Or Anything That Does Not Feel Good
  • Start Each Day By Listening To Or Reading Something Uplifting
  • Positive Thinking Testimony From Blair Billings
  • Picture This
  • Talk Yourself Into Well-Being
  • Set The Intention To Participate In Positive Conversation
  • Understanding That Gossip Is Not In Your Best Interest
  • Put Yourself First
  • Enjoy The Age You Are
  • Do Not Worry About What Others Think
  • Take Responsibility For Your Moods
  • Give Your Body Positive Messages and Focus What You Love About It
  • Choose Your Words Wisely
  • Patra Estay On Switchwords
  • Deep Self Love Is One Of Your Finest Tools
  • The Power of I Am
  • Anger Has It’s Place In Helping You Feel Better
  • The Good News For Anyone With An Unwanted Physical Condition
  • More Tools To Help You Relax
  • Stretch Your Body
  • Meditation Is One of Your Most Powerful Tools To Feel Good
  • Breathe Deeply To Enhance Well-Being
  • Walking Makes You Feel Relaxed and Happy
  • Take Off Your Shoes and Relax
  • Clear Your Clutter
  • Remember That You Are Blessed and Well-Being Wants You
  • Use The Divine Power of Love
  • Send Blessings

How Green Smoothies Saved My Life by Kim Caldwell