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Help with preventing Puppy Mills in Charlotte | Vegan Club

Help with preventing Puppy Mills in Charlotte

recently this came through the Veg-Charlotte Meetup Message Board ( My name is Ray i am co founder of Guardians of Animals we are anon-profit that does investigations for some of the nationslargest animals right/welfare groups. Several months ago ourboard decided to also do public education campaigns. We arecurrently working in the Charlotte Moorseville area to stoppuppy mill animal from being sold. We are seeking like mindedpeople to assist with “peaceful and legal publicdemonstrations” to raise awareness about puppy mills andpromote pet adoption. We intend to begin demonstrations byseptember. We have completed most of our research into thepuppy mills who supply many of the local pet shops. Once webegin the demonstrations we will need volunteers who can assistby coming out 1 or 2 hours a week to show there support foranimals. We have a meetup planned august the 1st if you wouldlike to come. I have attached our youtube channel link, meetuplink, and weblink. If you would be so kind as to send this outto your meetup group i would be greatful.ThanksRay