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Go Max Go! Bars in Food Lion/Bloom stores soon !

salvation for vegan charloteeans who crave (and miss) the unhealthy, but delicious candy bars of our childhood. Go Max Go, the company behind the decedent line of Vegan candy bars, are now selling them at Food Lion and Bloom groceries. Not sure if they are actually in stores as of yet, but look for them soon. from their site “We set out to create extraordinarily delicious candy bars. We craved candy bars that were chocolatey, nougaty, caramely, peanutty, almondy, coconutty crazy indulgences! We wanted a variety of bars that popped with all the luscious flavor of the traditional treats. What we didn’t want in our candy bars was dairy, eggs, hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial ingredients, or cholesterol. We had a hunch your sweet tooth might be feeling the same way, and so we went to work on the concept. Happily, our efforts paid off and now even your inner angel (you know, the one who reminds you it’s gotta be vegan, or you’re dairy intolerant, or you need to kick those hydrogenated oils to the curb, etc.) can enjoy real candy bars again.Combine great taste, good sense, sweeten with compassion, and what have you got? A Go Max Go candy bar! Our journey, over a year in the making, has finally brought to life the best tasting natural candy bars ever! We are pleased to offer to you the finest vegan versions of the candy bars you grew up with. Make room for the NEW classics.Go Max Go Foods. Your taste buds will never know the difference.Questions? Email us at” for more info.