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Farmer Jane by Temra Costa VeganeClub

Farmer Jane by Temra Costa

Farmer Jane by Temra Costa VeganeClub

Farmer Jane “Women Changing the Way We Eat” by Temra Costa and published by Gibbs-Smith Publisher.

From the publishers website:

Farmer Jane profiles thirty women in the sustainable food industry, describing their
agriculture and business models and illustrating the amazing changes they are making in how we
connect with food. These advocates for creating a more holistic and nurturing food and agriculture system also answer questions on starting a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program, how to get involved in policy at local and national levels, and how to address the different types of renewable energy and finance them.

Temra Costa has been working with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) in
California for the past five years through the programs of Farm to School and Buy Fresh Buy Local in the Sacramento Valley and Bay Area. She is currently director of Buy Fresh Buy Local and lives in Sacramento.

I absolutely love this book. I am a farm girl at heart. I long for the day that I have property to raise as much of my own food as possible and to be able to give back to my community. The women profiled in this book all chose to make a difference in their communities. Through community supported agriculture they have set the pace for others to follow in their footsteps.
I read their stories while sitting in the hospital with my husband while he recovered from emergency surgery. My husband and I dream of a farm of our own- a vegan farm. The stories warmed my heart and furthered my commitment to purchase from local farmers whenever possible.

From Farmer

Women are passionate advocates for sustainable food and farming and have been changing the way America eats and farms for decades. Farmer Jane tells 30 such stories of some exceptional women leaders that are working on this change by farming, educating, advocating, and/or transforming how we eat through their food businesses.

But it’s not just about being a woman. (Stay with me here.) It’s about the impact that femininity has in changing businesses for the better. Women lean towards relationships and long-term strategies that prioritize future generations, and the good news is that this viewpoint is starting to become valued in the emerging green economy. It��s all about systems thinking and perspectives of what the new (triple) bottom line should be – that of environment, people, and prosperity (health, and economic). Beyond their role in shifting business, women are raising the next generation of leaders, of farmers, of gardeners, of aware human beings that will care for this place long after we’re gone.

This book is not just a celebration of the profiled women, but of all women that vote for sustainability every time they shop, eat, farm, and advocate for change. The biggest hope for this book is that you’ll be inspired to do the same.

Click on the link above (profiled women) to meet the women from the book. If you are passionate about CSA and supporting local farmers or you are a farm girl at heart like me then you will love this book!

Farmer Jane by Temra Costa