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Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney VeganeClub

Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney

Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney VeganeClub

Entertaining in the Raw
by Matthew Kenney and published by Gibbs-Smith. From their website:
“MATTHEW KENNEY’S ENTERTAINING IN THE RAW CHEF MATTHEW KENNEY TAKES THE RAW FOOD lifestyle to exquisite new heights in Entertaining in the Raw. He combines his love of art and philosophy on food to bring you recipes for outstanding raw food dishes that will titillate your guests’ taste buds.
The recipes span many ethnicities, including Asian, Latin, French, and Indian, and feature appetizers, tapas, main dishes, breads, sauces, and decadent desserts. Matthew’s focus is always on fresh fruits and vegetables, organic, and buying food locally and in season.”

Another great book by Matthew Kenney- although many of the recipes are more time consuming they are all for special occasions. If you want something amazing to serve guests at a dinner party or holiday gathering- this book is it. There is also another advantage to this book- even if you are not into having big parties and such, the techniques you will learn in this book, the different combinations of foods and such will help you in your everyday diet. Let’s face it sometimes we get bored with the everyday fare- this book will help you to add some spice to your raw food diet. There is another benefit. Do you have family that doesn’t understand why you would want to eat a raw food diet? Maybe they have been less than supportive? Using this book you could invite them over for a gourmet raw food meal and knock the socks off of them! Use it as a tool to share your excitement about the raw food lifestyle. Lastly, if you are or were a gourmet foodie and have missed being able to create gourmet meals- this book will totally help you out. However you decide to use the book, you will find it a useful reference to have in your personal library. My 15 year old son said he wished that the pictures in the book were scratch and sniff because they all look so good.


  • Entertain
  • Share
  • Plan
  • Enjoy
  • Guidance

Ch 1 Blossom

  • Yellow Corn Chowder
  • Cream of Matsutake Soup, Pignoli Dumplings, Pears and Tarragon
  • Basil Raviolini with Summer Tomato Sauce
  • Basil Black Pepper Wrappers, Macadamia “Cheese”, Cherry Tomatoes, and Avocado
  • Ginger Cantaloupe “Gelato” and Watermelon Granite with Muscat Honeydew Puree
  • Frozen Chocolate Pudding with Cinnamon-Glazed Plums, Chocolate Basil Wafers, and Vanilla Bean-Plum Syrup
  • Marinated Tomato Salad, Pine Nut “Parmesan,” Basil Oil, Micro Greens, and Black Pepper
  • Apricots with Star Anise Syrup and Crumble
  • Beet Ravioli with Fava Bean Puree and Green Herb Oil
  • Plum Carpaccio with Vanilla-Agave Syrup and Ginger Cream
  • Green Tomato-”Ricotta” Tart with Basil “Ice Cream”

Ch 2 Contemporary

  • Hijiki and Kohlrabi with Sweet Tahini Dressing
  • Black Sesame and White Coconut Dumplings with Creamy Miso Sauce
  • “Paul Smith” Basil and Young Spinach- Striped Flan with White Cardamom Foam and Lemon Dust
  • Portobello “Foie Gras” on Sun-Dried Tomato Flatbread
  • Jackson Pollock Raviolo with Arugula Pesto
  • Shiitake Ravioli with Broccoli Rabe, Balsamic Fig Puree, and Ginger Cream
  • Green Tea Canneloni, Banana Lemongrass Cream, Almond “Gelato”, and Goji Lime Sauce
  • Frozen Pumpkin Flan, Cinnamon Foam, and Mandarin Candy
  • End of Season Heirloom Tomatoes, Warm “Cheese” Crisps, and Melting Olive Oil “Ice Cream”

Ch 3 Inspiration

  • White Corn Tamale, Serrano-Spiced Portabello, Raw Cacao Mole, and Guacamole
  • Bitter Broccoli Ravioli and Pine Nut “Cheese” in Chocolate Wrappers with Orange Powder in Pino Noir Sauce
  • Chocolate Chili Tacos with Marinated Arugula, Pear Tomatoes, and Pignoli “Sour Cream”
  • Cinnamon Graham Cookie with Marshmallow Creme and Dark Chocolate Fondue
  • Cacao Crepes with Sweet Mint Custard and Black Cacao Sauce
  • Frozen Mint Panna Cotta with Marshmallow Whip, Vanilla Wafers, and Bittersweet Cacao Sauce
  • Chocolate Cake with Sweet Cherries, Spiced Cinnamon “Ice Cream” and Cayenne- Cacao Syrup
  • Oreo Cookie with Cream Filling, Vanilla Bean “Ice Cream,” and Black Cocoa Syrup
  • Oyster Mushrooms and Hijiki Caviar with Leek and Brazil Nut Truffle Foam

Ch 4 Spice

  • Black Sesame Paratha, Spiced Cucumbers, and Mango-Green Papaya Chutney
  • Citrus Tart, Raspberry Leaf-Infused Cherry Sauce, and Rosewater “Ice Cream”
  • Heirloom Tomato Pave and Preserved Lemon Dressing with Green Olives and Pine Nuts
  • Spring Vegetable Tagine with Couscous, Harissa and Cumin Flatbread
  • Ginger Date Flan with Mint Syrup, Sesame Brittle, and Shaved Green Pear
  • Sweet Pea Samosas, Mint-Almond Chutney, and Pickled Lime “Yogurt”
  • White Raisin Shittake Dosas, Cilantro Cream, and Ginger-Tomato Chutney
  • Creamy Mango Pudding, Cardamom Kulfi, and Crispy Lime Macaroon
  • Apricot “Yogurt” Cake, Sweet Cream, Pistachio Tuiles, and Anise Syrup

Ch 5 Radiance

  • Caribbean Conch Chowder
  • Roasted Sweet Pepper Soup, Basil Manti, and Hazelnut “Yogurt”
  • Spinach and Beet Ravioli, Cashew “Ricotta,” Wilted Spinach with Basil, and Wine Pear Sauce
  • Orange-Pineapple Flan and Lime Syrup
  • Salpicao Salad with Pineapple Carpaccio and “Fried” Jicama
  • Summer Squash Pancakes with Garlic Flower “Yogurt,” Sweet Potato Jam, and Crisp Fennel
  • Pine Nut Tartlet, Basil “Creme Fraiche” and Sweet Tomatoes
  • Shiitake Moqueca and Coconut “Rice”
  • Brigadeiro, Pudim de Leite, and Canjica “Ice Cream”
  • Creamy Sage-Pumpkin “Risotto” with Wild Mushrooms

Ch 6 Revolution

  • Empanada de Espinaca y Salsa de Tomate: Empanada with Spinach, Tomato Relish, and Cilantro-Mint Puree
  • Hallacas Vegetarianas: Vegetable Tamales with Tomato-Chili Sauce
  • Orange, Pistachio-Cacao, and Mesquite Truffles
  • Chile Rellenos, Monta-Raw Jack “Cheese,” and Cacao Mole
  • Tacos de Tomates al Sol Con Crema Citric: Tomato Tacos with Citrus Cream
  • Chocolate Ancho Chile Tarts with Lime Spiced Mango Chutney and Cinnamon Vanilla Cream
  • Oyster Mushroom Seviche and Bitter Orange-Lime Sauce
  • Summer Rolls and Red Chili-Pineapple Dipping Sauce
  • Mediterranean Mini Tartlets
  • Tricolor Sesame-Cashew Dumplings and Sweet Chile-Lime Sauce
  • Blueberry and Sweet “Cream Cheese” Mini Tartlet
  • Almond-Lavender Pie in Coconut-Macaroon Crust

Ch 7 Meaningful

  • Zaru Somen and Sweet Dashi Sake Broth
  • Ba Bao Fan Blessing Eight-Treasure “Rice”: Candied Fruits with “Longan” Syrup
  • Pearl Balls with Spicy Mango Salsa
  • Mochi “Ice Cream”: Goji Berry, Vanilla Lemongrass, Green Tea
  • Cold Spicy Long-Life Noodles with Ginger Sauce
  • Vietnamese Pho Broth with Tofu
  • Fortune Cookies
  • Spicy “Fried” Springs Rolls with Sweet Tamarind Fondue
  • Thai Cucumber Salad

Entertaining in the Raw by Matthew Kenney