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brixx pizza crust may have honey | Vegan Club

Update on Brixx Pizza Crust – Does it contain Honey?

Recently one of our readers, Jenna D, recently noticed a new in-store menu at Brixx Pizza locations in the Charlotte area. Listed on the menu where describing the crust, HONEY was listed as an ingredient! SHOCKING as we all know Honey is a big NO-NO for us vegans. Jenna reached out to Brixx Corporate to confirm whether the crust did contain Honey, and got the following response…“We are reprinting the menus now and all stores should be returning to making pizza dough with a little sugar and no honey! Check with the manager before eating if you go in this week to be certain they are following the new recipe.Thanks for your comments,Jeff Van DykeManaging PartnerBrixx Wood Fired Pizza”So, BE SURE TO CONFIRM WITH THE LOCATION IF THEY ARE EXCLUDING HONEY BEFORE CHOMPING DOWN!!!! Thank you to Jeff and Brixx Pizza for being extra-loving to the vegan population, and quickly listening and responding to inquiries, and for offering VEGAN CHEESE!.Extra special THANK YOU to Jenna D for putting the footwork in to get this issue resolved quickly. Visit Brixx Pizza at several Charlotte area locations, all can be found on the restaurant listing page.