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Bodybugg VeganeClub

bodybugg® – the world’s most intelligent calorie management system.

Find out how many calories you burn with the revolutionary new bodybugg armband. Use the web-based program to track calories in and calories out so that you can stay in control of your weight. Get the coaching and support you need to be successful from a fitness professional or personal trainer.

Working with a personal coach helps you get the most out of the bodybugg system and reach your fitness goals faster and easier. For your convenience, coaching sessions are phone-based so you can do them from anywhere in the world!


  • One bodybugg private session with a bodybugg coach (via phone)
  • Six-month subscription to the web-based program
  • Online food logging and menus
  • Personalized dietary support recommendation
  • bodybugg armband device – tracks all calories you burn every minute of the day.
  • bodybugg digital display (optional)

I got my bodybugg (the older version pictured above) a year ago October I think. At the time I was doing the Biggest Loser diet and walking all over the Nevada desert. I initially had problems with my bugg. It worked fine if I was walking on concrete, around the house etc.. But in the sand of the desert it just didn’t pick up all of my steps. It was frustrating to walk well over an hour and only log 1,000 steps. After much frustration and phone calls back and forth with customer service (who were very helpful I might add) we decided to replace it. This helped for the most part. It did work better than the other but it still didn’t pick up all of my steps. I did love the accountability though.
I logged in all I ate as well, so it tracked all of my calories that I took in as well as all I had burned. A great visual!
When we moved back to CA we found that walking outside was just not as easy. Straight up hill! No fun.. So I stopped walking. I put the bugg away.
I have lost 100 lbs. So my weight loss continued but I wasn’t exercising like I should. Yesterday I decided to get back into walking. With a treadmill in the bedroom (placed directly in front of the bedroom door so I can keep an eye on the kids while I walk) I can walk and walk and walk.. I also put my bugg back on. I had to reactivate it but it is working. I logged in over 10,000 steps yesterday.
What do I like about the bodybugg? I like that I can set goals for myself and the program will tell me how many calories I need to burn and take in- and roughly how long it will take to reach my goal. I like that I can look down at any time to find out how many calories I have burned so far for the day, how many steps I have taken already, and how many minutes of continuous exercise I have gotten in. I am a visual person. What I don’t like is the size of the older model. It is almost the size of my hand. Thankfully those of you who are purchasing now- will get the new model which is much, much smaller.
I have emailed the company to see if I can do a review of the new model- and keep track of my progress right here with y’all! I am hoping for a favorable answer. So stay tuned!