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Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Krackers VeganeClub

Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Krackers

Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Krackers VeganeClubYummy crackers! Crispy, crunchy raw crackers! Thanks to Abeba’s Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Kracker recipes you can have just that!
Our favorite so far is the bbq chips. I am going to post a video below showing the crackers I got started- but I am only showing you this to show you how not to make them- I spooned them onto the teflexx sheet and then spread them around a bit. Instead just take your spoon and drop the batter onto the tray and leave it. You will understand what I mean when you watch the video. I fit 36 crackers on 1 dehydrator tray.

By the way I said in the video that the recipe made more batter than expected- but it was because I was spreading out my batter- and using less than I should have.

  • Tools You Will Need
  • Pizza Kracker
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Flax Appeal
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Yellow Kracker
  • Barbecue Chips
  • Corn Chips
  • Hurry Curry
  • Sunflower Power
  • Poppyseed Ginger Kracker or Cookie
  • Garlic Kracker
  • New Corn Wafer
  • Spicy Thai Kracker

Absolutely Abeba’s Krazy Krackers